Yellow weddings

nozze in gialloMay is the month to celebrate mother’s day, baptismal, first communions and confirmations….but the foremost among these traditional May events is a milestone in everyone’s life, a new path to venture on, a new life to be built…by two.
What better month but May to frame the springtime of your wedded bliss?

Wedding days, regardless of religious connotations, have always been “the” event, the occasion some dream of and others dread, a day that must be perfectly prepared for in every way: the venue, flowers, dress, favours, invitations, limo ride…

What colour would best crown your “I Do” day?

If it was up to us, it would surely be yellow, like lemons and the sun, bright and joyful, filled with positive and creative energy. Here are some ideas by which to bring a warm yellow hue into the first day of your life as a couple.

The invitations

How can you tell the world about the brightest day of your life in an utterly original way? Think about earth-friendly invitations, classy, simple and citrus scented: use recycled paper and add some dehydrated lemon slices or lemon rind instead of confetti.

The reception

So maybe it’s too late by now (you’re already married) and it would cost way too much to do it all over again so no more clinking glasses and opening dances for you
…but what about your kids?
The reception venue could be an hotel, ancient villa, country estate, a castle, restaurant or simply your back yard…perfectly tailored to fit the newlyweds’ budget.
Enough with the sit-down glutton fests! Let’s opt for a nicely decorated location, a good band or DJ, floral centrepieces matching the church or hall of justice decor and for evening about some romantic candles? Yes, citronella would be best for an outdoor summer reception.
Serve some nice cocktails, have a buffet or sit-down lunch/dinner , anything you want but make sure to have lemon sherbet to go with it and help everyone digest! We’d recommend including at least one vegetarian or vegan entree, just in case.

The Bride and Groom’s attire

Tradition mandates for the bride to wear white; fortunately there is a wide array of cold to warm shades to choose form, starting with ice white to ivory and cream.
No “tails” for the groom… this is a wedding celebration, not the Oscars! If, as we hope, your bride chose yellow flowers, get a tie and hankie to match.


For the traditional bride: sheer and natural shades, either cold or warm hues that showcase her complexion and eye shadow in pastel shades like powder pink, lilac, pale blue or warm tones such as peach yellow, gold, beige, caramel brown. Use shiny lip gloss to make the lips naturally stand out and a touch of blush to softly sculpt the cheek bones. Add some classy, eye-catching jewellery and take a look… fairy tale princess!


We all agree on the colour by now right? Sun yellow, lemon yellow! Flowers are a key element that should be at the very top of your to-do-list. Flowers for your bouquet, the wedding venue, the reception, the limo, the bridal party…they should all compliment your gown and hairdo. Choose classic round-shaped flowers like daisies and wild roses or stunningly fragrant orange blossoms.
Limo, motorcycle, carriage or donkey cart ride?

The latest memorable wedding ride-off trend? It’s a yellow mini Cooper or a 1950′ Vespa. If you prefer country-style, how about waving good-bye from the back of a fresh flowers decorated donkey cart?

…and they lived happily ever after